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Individual workout routines

No pre-installed trainings plans, that doesn't match your training needs. You decide what and when to train!



You want it? Work for it, track it and achieve it. Log your sets and keep an eye on your progress.



See your achievements after each workout and stay motivated. Work harder, get better!



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" I am surprised of the app's brilliancy. It is simple to use, the user interface is very clear and well designed. It is downright perfect! Thank you for this app. "*


" A practical and simple app to follow through and put together one's own workout routine. One saves pen and paper and sees his progress at a glance. "*


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FEATURES for the most flexible way of training

Individual exercises

* With name, description, pictures

* Assign muscle groups & set goals

* Choose a tracking dimension

Individual workout routines

* Create a plan with your exercises

* Adopt it even during your workout

* Total workout timer

Set journal & break timer

* Save an unlimited no. of logs
* See previous logs for orientation

* Break timer with acoustic signal

Sharing is caring

* Send your individual plans to friends
* Import your friends workout routines

* Compare your improvement

More information


Workout achievements

* Overview of your workout results

* Share them via twitter, tacebook, mail oder massage

Statistics - NEW!

* Overall summery

* Various zoomable graphs for every exercise & each muscle group

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