It all startet in 2013 with a seemingly small idea. A group of friends met at the gym repeatedly every week to workout together. Based on their long-term experience with weight training they all had different workout routines with different exercises. In order to keep to their goals, they wanted to log their achievements and track their progress. Unfortunaltey they couldn't find one single fitness tracking app in the App Store, that covered all the needed features, was easy to use and well designed. They ended up using pen and paper - very 90's! 


This situation was unaccetable for the iOS developer in the team and soon the idea of AppFit was born. It was to be an app, that didn't limit the user but adopted flexible to the athletes needs. It should be nice to look at and even nicer to use. It shouln't be a second "freelatics" app but focus on bodybuilding and weight training / strenght training and the special needs of advanced athletes. The team threw togehter their money and started developing AppFit. The project quickly emerged as way more complicated as everyone thought but with a lot of effort and hard work, the first version was soon uploaded to the App Store. 


We would really like to continue the path we took and develop more features. Unfortunately we can’t live on love alone, hence we need your support! Our fair offer: Try out the free version and upgrade to the Pro-Version if you like it as much as we do. If not, we would be thrilled to hear what made you unhappy in order to improve AppFit. Please write us at: appfit@appunk.com.

AppFit is a product of Appunk GmbH. Please visit our homepage for more information: www.appunk.com